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Bhangra Dance Workshop


On Tuesday, we took part in a Bhangra Dance workshop, learning traditional steps linked to historic north Indian festivals.

We started the session by learning where the dance is from. We then watched a small performance of the dance which we all really enjoyed seeing! The steps were broken down into bite size pieces, which allowed us (and our class teachers!) to follow. Throughout the class, we then learnt more and more steps building up a routine. At the end of the workshop, we demonstrated our newly learnt skills in a performance. Thank you for your contributions towards this day. The atmosphere in the hall was very uplifting, energetic and fun!

Here is what we liked about the day…

“The song and the movement” Reuben (Rear R)

“I liked the pose at the end.” Isabella (Year 2)

“It was really fun and very active” Teddy (Year 4)

“I liked the moves” Darius (Year R)

“I liked how it was interpreting animals into the dancing to help us understand.”

Casper (Year 6)

“I liked the chicken wing action and the knees up” Isobel (Year 2)

“I liked the clapping and the arms up” Finn (Year 2)

“It was really fun to dance with other people.” Maggie (Year 4)

“I think probably the interaction and how we were allowed to create our own finish.”

Sam N (Year 6)