St. Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School




Our School Council is elected by fellow pupils. Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 has two representatives, each Council serves for one year, with a new Council being elected at the start of every academic year.

The School Council support the Senior Leadership Team by making sure the views of the children are heard when important decisions are made. School Council members are also asked to be the pupil voice for their class and bring ideas to meetings.

The School Council have regular meetings, fortnightly and then have the opportunity to feedback to their classes.

Our aims for 2021/22

 Making our school a better place

Having fun and enjoying being at school

Representing our classes and being leaders


     'Recognising the value and worth of each individual'



This year already we have organized a fun run to raise funds for Great Ormond Street; got new resources that all the children wanted for our playtimes and planned a Crazy Hair Day.



                         OUR SCHOOL COUNCILLORS  
                             YEAR ONE:  Millie and Jenson  
                        YEAR TWO:  Evie and Teddy  
                         YEAR THREE: William and Lauren  
                     YEAR FOUR: Sam and Issy  
                       YEAR FIVE: Lucie and Edward  
                         YEAR SIX: Head Boy and Girl:  Partick and Bruna