St. Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School




"Be Still and know that I am God"
(Psalm 46)

Our school is blessed with some very precious prayer corners where everyone in our school community can reflect and pray. To take a small glimpse at some of the prayers that the children offer each day at school and the beautiful prayer corners that the children have created, please click here .



 Our children and staff have the opportunity to pray each day in school.  Staff meetings always begin with a time for prayer.  Below is a beautiful prayer written by Mrs Holloway (Teaching Assistant) which she read at the beginning of a TA meeting.  Christmas 2021.

"At the end of this term we give thanks to God for all the teaching and learning that has taken place in our school. For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced.  For the respect and care that has been given.   For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles and for the hope that has lifted our hearts in the dark days.   We give you thanks for the team and the community that we are, and we ask you Lord to bless our families as we take our Christmas holidays..  May our time together leave us with memories to cherish.   Pour out your love so that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together in the new year". 

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord



Please remember in your prayers all our Year 3 children as they start to prepare for their First Reconciliation and First Communion. May we show them by our example how precious and fulfilling these sacraments are in our lives. In his recent letter to all parishes, Bishop Kieran encouraged us to re-discover the joy of Reconciliation. His letter can be read by clicking here.




Each member of our school community united this Lent, to encourage each other to
'Live Simply', 'Pray Deeply' and 'Give Generously' .
Throughout Lent we focused on how blessed we all are to live such fortunate lives, and have reflected through our prayers on those that need our support or who are at peace in Heaven.
Finlay and Austin remain in our prayers each day. The beautiful words spoken by Mitch Neve at Austin's funeral are placed here to guide and inspire us all as we pray.
Austin Neve




We are so grateful to all the Grandparents who helped to create two inspiring banners that were the focus during our Remembrance liturgy, which Year 5 presented so poignantly and with great respect and humility. To view the banners please click here.




We were delighted that Bishop Kieran joined us in July as our school community celebrated 25 years of teaching by Mrs Julie Connor. Mr Russell Fuller (parent governor) and Miss Loveder spoke of the unique part that Mrs Connor had played in the life of our school . Bishop Kieran presented Mrs Connor with a beautful gift on behalf of the school. The gift of a silver necklace with a petal motif had been carefully chosen to signify how she had helped so many children and colleagues to grow and develop; that it was made of silver was important too as it was a mark of her silver jubilee in Catholic Education.
Photos of the day can be seen by clicking here.


On February 7th 2014 our school community joined the family and friends of the Marriott family at a service of thanksgiving for Finlay's life. Chris, Judith and James have kindly given us permission to place their inspiring 'Memories of Finlay' on our website prayer corner. May it be a source of comfort and strength to us all.

"Finlay never gave up his fight. When you need strength, use his strength.
When you need his spirit, use his spirit. Finlay will be there for you"
(Chris Marriott)

One of the great blessings of our school and parish community is the comfort and support that we offer each other so freely, especially during times of sadness. As part of that support we have placed here a link to the Child Bereavment UK Website, to help and guide all our families.




During Lent our acts of kindness included praying with and raising m.oney for Misson Together. This was celebrated at the annual Worth Abbey Mass in June.
Throughout Lent we continued to support the Cranleigh Food Bank and Fairtrade after a very successful Fairtrade fortnight.

Please click here to access 'The Wednesday Word' which will give you lots of ideas about how to pray with your family.

For details about our Mother's Prayer Group please click here. All are welcome.



'Open The Book' joined us in school on Thursday 16th January. The wonderful actors helped us see and hear afresh Jesus' teachings in their portayal of The Good Shepherd. We were called upon to be good neighbours to everyone.
To learn more about this inspiring group please click here.

"Peace be with you"